Patient Information

Safety Information for Blackouts

If you have had blackouts there are obvious risks of injury or worse and certain legal restrictions that will apply at least until you have a confirmed diagnosis and I know whether the problem can be cured or how likely the blackout are to recur.

  • YOU ARE NOT TO DRIVE because by law your driving licence is not valid until the cause of your blackout is established (where possible) and an assessment made as to how likely the blackout is to recur.
  • You are advised not lock the bathroom door when in the bath or shower. It is safer to take a shower rather than a bath.
  • If you are going swimming preferably go with a friend or inform the lifeguard that you have had a previous blackout.
  • Avoid climbing or working at heights.
  • Extra care should be taken when your work or hobbies involve working with machinery or being near open water.

If you have any queries about any of the above please contact me on

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